We understand that your time is valuable and that your priority is to deliver patient care, not to spend hours chasing reimbursements from payors for Hyaluronic Acid injections. Part of our commitment to service includes providing customers with tools and resources to help you navigate coverage, coding, and payment for Medicare and private payers.

Reimbursement Navigator

Are you paying out of pocket for patient benefit investigations? Are you spending precious hours talking to insurance companies regarding coverage options? The Reimbursement Navigator, a free, PW-protected online portal, streamlines the reimbursement and prescribing process for your patients making it easier to:

  • Obtain prior authorization forms for specific plans and initiate benefits investigation
  • Have covered prescriptions routed to an in-network pharmacy or local pharmacy to be filled
  • Track prescriptions and get real time status updates

To learn more, click here or call 1-866-556-2259 or fax 1-866-377-2244.

Navigator Portal:

TriVisc* and GenVisc*850 Billing and Coding Guide