5-Injection hyaluronic acid

Knee pain caused by osteoarthritis is suffered by millions of people worldwide1. GenVisc*850, a 5-injection hyaluronic acid, may help relieve OA-related knee pain in patients who are unresponsive to non-pharmacologic therapy and simple analgesics. GenVisc*850 is approved for 5 injections, but some patients may benefit from as few as 3 injections.

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hyaluronic acid


  • GenVisc*850 is approved in 64 countries with over 45 million syringes distributed worldwide2 
  • GenVisc*850 has the largest and longest duration double blind clinical study of hyaluronic acids for knee osteoarthritis.3
  • GenVisc*850 has been published in over 30 clinical studies.4


  • Safe as saline placebo
  • Free of avian proteins
  • Demonstrated safe for repeat injection cycles


  • Provides significant pain relief with results that last up to 6 months
  • Demonstrated improvement in pain relief up to 30 weeks post first injection cycle 7

  • Demonstrated improvement of total WOMAC index at 30 weeks: Pain, stiffness and functional capacity8

GenVisc*850 Product Resources

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$ Full Prescribing and Safety Information
$ Billing and Coding Guide
$ Physician Product Brochure

45 Million doses administrated worldwide.9