The Patient TriVisc Direct Purchase Program trivisc direct purchase

If you are considering hyaluronic acid injections for your knee pain, but unsure whether your insurance covers it – or you’ve decided not to use insurance to pay for it – the TriVisc Direct Purchase Program may be right for you. 

HA injections can cost up to $1300* for a 3-injection series. With the TriVisc Direct Purchase Program, a 3-injection regimen is just $291. Thats considerably more affordable than paying out-of-pocket without the Direct Purchase Program and often well under the average insurance deductible. 

The process is simple and convenient. 

Step 1: Using the form below, your doctor will send a prescription for TriVisc to a pharmacy within our network. 

Step 2: The pharmacy will call you for credit card payment. Once payment is approved, TriVisc is shipped directly to your doctors office. 

Step 3: Your doctors office will then contact you to schedule the necessary appointments.

The TriVisc Direct Purchase Program is both HSA and FSA eligible. To start saving on treatments with TriVisc, download the form then share it with your healthcare provider. 

For questions about the TriVisc Direct Purchase Program,
please call 1-866-556-2259