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To help make life a little simpler for your busy practice, we’ve curated the following content to help promote TriVisc* and GenVisc*850 hyaluronic acid knee injections on your social media platforms.

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Social Media Posts

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Is your Osteoarthritis knee pain unresolved by non-pharmacologic therapy & simple analgesics stopping you from doing things you love? Contact [link to practice] to learn about options including opioid-free hyaluronic acid treatments @TriVisc*andGenVisc*850 [link to @TriVisc*andGenVisc*850 hyaluronic acid injections].

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Knee osteoarthritis pain doesn’t have to be a game ender. Contact [link to practice] to learn about non-surgical options and a potential game cHAnging treatment @TriVisc*andGenVisc*850 hyaluronic acid injections. 

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You know the saying, happiness is happy knees? That’s because we just made it up. Keep your joints HAppy and get back to the things that matter. Learn about treatment options [link to practice] and @TriVisc*andGenVisc*850 hyaluronic acid injections.