Direct Purchase

For patients who don’t have insurance coverage for Hyaluronic Acid injections, or choose not to use it, both GenVisc850* and TriVisc* are available to purchase with a prescription directly from our exclusive pharmacy network at a significant cost savings.

The process is simple and convenient.

Step 1. Visit the Direct Purchase Program portal to create an account (or login for returning HCPs). There you will find the prescribing form and pharmacy submit instructions.

Create Account/Login

Step 2. Upon receipt of form, the pharmacy will contact the patient directly for payment.

Step 3. After payment, the HA will ship directly to your office.

Step 4: Your office contacts the patient to schedule the appointments.

With the Direct Purchase Program, your patients realize a significant cost savings over standard out of pocket prices while your office retains all of the same oversight and control of administering treatment.

The Direct Purchase Program is both HSA and FSA eligible. 

For questions about the Direct Purchase Program, please call 1-866-556-2259.